Prizing Megathread (Ongoing Winners)

Hi all!

Below is where you can find the most up to date information regarding daily prize winners - and when the time comes the finalist and grand prize winners - for the 21DDC.

Note that because selected prize winners need to sign off on a release form, there will be a delay in the latest prize winners.

Daily Prizes
Day 1: $25 Amazon Gift Card - Davin C.
Day 1: Rocketbook Smart Notebook - Carmen S.
Day 2: $25 UberEats Gift Card - Ben L.
Day 2: $25 Google Play Gift Card - Kathryn T.
Day 3: EB Games Gift Card - Tamara M.
Day 3: Rakuten Kobo Gift Card - Kayleigh G.
Day 4: Spotify Gift Card - Wendy L.
Day 4: Fitbit Inspire - Jesse C.
Day 5: iTunes Gift Card - Bilal K.
Day 5: Amazon Gift Card - Justin U.
Day 6: UberEats Gift Card - Ying X.
Day 6: Google Play Gift Card - Monika W.
Day 7: EB Games Gift Card - Linda H.
Day 7: Rakuten Kobo Gift Card - Wendy Y.
Day 8: Spotify Gift Card - Sabrina N.
Day 8: Instax Mini - Quinn S.
Day 9: iTunes Gift Card - Souang W.
Day 9: Amazon Gift Card - Julie G.
Day 10: UberEats Gift Card - Eric A.
Day 10: EB games Gift Card - Kate W.
Day 11: Airbnb Gift Card - Stephanie N.
Day 11: Kindle E-Reader - Mek O.
Day 12: Audible Gift Card - Olu A.
Day 12: Google Play Gift Card - Jeremy F.
Day 13: Amazon Gift Card - Mehrnaz M.
Day 13: Rakuten Kobo Gift Card - Brandon C
Day 14: EB Games Gift Card - Jessica L.
Day 14: UberEats Gift Card - Patrick W.
Day 15: Amazon Gift Card - Ahamd A.
Day 15: SXSW Online pass - Robert D.
Day 16: Audible Gift Card - Akhere A.
Day 16: iTunes Gift Card - Ankita S.
Day 17: EB Games Gift Card - Jay Z.
Day 17: Amazon Gift Card - Ricky S.
Day 18: Airbnb Gift Card - Matthew V.
Day 18: Amazon Gift Card - Kali S.
Day 19: Audible Gift Card - Diana Z.
Day 19: Apple AirPods - Jialin Q.
Day 20: Amazon Gift Card - John C.
Day 20: UberEats Gift Card - Andy C.
Day 21: Airbnb Gift Card - Ryan S.
Day 21: Amazon Gift Card - Luis Z.

Finalist Prizes
Finalist Prize 1: One (1) Nintendo Switch - Nicole B.
Finalist Prize 2: One (1) Apple iPad - Nicholas T.
Finalist Prize 3: One (1) $500 Airbnb Gift Card - Vincent H.
Finalist Prize 4: One (1) Sonos 5 - Jason C.
Finalist Prize 5: One (1) Samsung Smart Television - Lilly K.

Team Prizes
One (1) $500 CAD in UberEats gift card(s) - Digital Government
One (1) $250 Escape Game gift card - I Spy AI

Grand Prize
One (1) Peloton Bike Essentials Kit - Shehjad K.

Good luck!


Hi, Thomas Boyce Clark is the name and learning is my game. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and also have a chance of winning some prizes. I will put forth my best effort. I am new to coding yet i have studied intensly and im really enjoying learning to code and I am sure it will show in my efforts herw. I wish you all the best in health and good luck to everyone participating in this event!
Thomas Boyce Clark


When it says “complete a challenge” does that mean “be correct” or just “have interacted and submitted answers”? If they’re all going to be multiple choice with a limited number of answers allowed rather than the format of the coding challenges I’m used to where code is validated this would be good to know, especially if they are like day 1 in terms of lacking specificity :sweat_smile: Thanks!


I am doing the challenge solo, I got my Day 1 challenge correct and received 5 points for it. But I see that the highest scored team has 240 points … so solo players will always have very little chance of winning unless we join a team?.. :cry:


@covidRN team prizes are separate from individual prizes, so no going solo does not put you at a disadvantage.

Also to answer @risatronic and clarify for many people who are confused, to be eligible for the finalist prizes you must complete all the challenges before the end of the competition(pass or fail), meaning that if you are unsuccessful in one that is still ok as it is completed so you are still eligible for the prizes


I was so sad when I effed up on the first challenge. ;_;


So confused that it says maximum members in a team is 50, but some teams have 200 people. How do we compete against that haha :'D


There is a “prizing” leaderboard which takes into account the maximum eligible team members (ie: Canadian, and age of majority). The overall leaderboard has no cap and the teams with 200+ members are largely non-prizing eligible participants.


This is the most awesome contest I’ve ever stumbled upon. I’m excited to learn about coding. It’s been probably fifteen years since I’ve dabbled and a lot has changed! Really fun!! Thanks for putting this together. Great job.


When the daily winners are going to be chosed?

Each day’s winners are contacted the following day, and will be updated here as soon as they sign the release form accepting the prize. The draw occurs each day around 10 a.m. and recipients are contacted by email. (Saturday/Sunday draws are usually done in Monday.)


If you join a team, are you no longer eligible for the solo daily prizes?

Joining a team has no effect on winning daily prizes. By joining a team, you have the chance to win one of the team prizes so think of it as a bonus. :smiley:


Thank you for the clarification! :slight_smile:

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The point the user you are responding too still stands: the Prizing Leaderboard you refer to has several teams with 50+ members at the top. Additionally, several of these teams continue to add members each day, to further increase their points presumably. Am I missing something?

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How to know who won the first day prizes?

What do I do if not all points are displayed on the leaderboard? Our team scored 15 points so far but we only have 10 displayed :sweat:

Yeah, that’s what I was confused about, the prizing leaderboard still has some that are past 50+ members and I think some even has 100+. Unless @tim means that the 200+ members in the prizing leaderboard are largely non-prizing eligible participants?