Introduce yourself!

Hey everyone, welcome to the 21-Day Data Challenge! We’re excited to get going on Feb. 17, the day the first challenge is released. Each day at midnight ET, a new challenge will be released to you.

Feel free to get to know one and other in the forum by introducing yourselves.

I’ll start: my name is Tim and I work in digital marketing at Lighthouse Labs. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or comments you have about the forum setup, the prizes, or what not. You can send me a DM or email me at

Good luck!


Hey I’m Arron, I currently work in Treasury Asset/Liability Management (finance/banking sector) and have recently integrated Python (NumPy/Pandas/SciPy/Matplotlib) and SQL into my daily work.

I’ve found these tools to be incredibly rewarding compared to traditional Excel-based models although the learning curve is much higher, so I really want to expedite my learning through events like this one. It’s fascinating to learn the capabilities of Python and other data analytical languages but I think the real power will actually come as I develop my foundational understanding of statistical summarizations and modeling outside of the syntactical language learning. I’m really keen on meeting other professionals to challenge my understanding of these topics!!


Hi I’m Hanabi and I currently work as office admin/graphic artist in a small house reno business here in Canada. Nice to meet everyone!


Hi, I’m Pablo. I look forward to learning from this challenge and the community.


Hi, I’m Anna and I just started my path in Data Analysis. Want to practice to gain more experience.


Hello all! Looking forward to engaging this challenge with you. Rock on!


Hi satk here . I just want to learn about data :v:t2:


Hi everyone, I’m Maria :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope to practice my data visualization and analytical skills while having lots of fun.

I love to walk, read, and volunteer.


Hi everyone, I’m so ready to start this challenge! I am currently pursuing digital marketing as well (@tim snap!) and am currently looking to build onto my analytical skills! I love going on sunny hikes, eating and learning some yoga! Looking forward to starting this~


Hi, I’m Minahill and I’m currently a student. I look forward to learning as much as I can from the challenges. :slight_smile:

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My name is Romeo. I am a MSc student at Carleton University. I’m very interested in data science and I’m participating in this challenge to learn more about programming. I’m hoping for a stew learning curve and have fun in the process.

Merci beaucoup/ thanks,



My name is Antonio and I graduated from AIU in 2019. I’m still looking for a job and I want to upskill. Currently I know Java, HTML5, CSS3, JS, and SQL. I feel Python will make me more well rounded and I like SQL so Data Science seems cool.


Hi everyone,
I’m Hari. I’m am ar present juggling among small projects. I would like to use 21DDC to master Python, SQL, data analysis and visualization skills.


Hi Everyone!

I am Lavanya. Looking forward to doing the challenge and learn new things :slight_smile:

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My name is Michael and I’m currently an adult student finishing credits for high school. I have no experience with data, but I’m thrilled to be taking part in this challenge. I’m interested in taking the Web Development Bootcamp at the school but I figured, what the heck? Let’s try this Data Analysis Challenge. It might actually be pretty interesting.


Hey, everyone!

My name is Trevor. I’m a culinary graduate finishing a second program in horticulture; I aim to combine the two so to pursue food accessibility and sustainability projects, as well as my own farm-to-table restaurant in the future. I’m also a business coach for a local food business incubator that focuses on supporting female entrepreneurship, particularly women of color and newcomers to Canada.

I also manage a tech-based environmental initiative, which is where I learned some very basic Python! I’m excited to expand on these skills through this challenge and explore data science with the rest of you.


Hi Everyone…!

My name is Srikanth, You can call me as shri. I’m a Certified Integration Developer, I’m looking forward to develop my skills, learn from this challenge and from the community. :slight_smile:



My name is Eesha and I’m a grad student in Public Health. I’ve gained interest in data analytics and science over the past year and I’m excited to learn more during the challenge!


Howdy, I am Raymond no experience with codes but learned about conceptual data systems, I like fried chicken, the juiciest tastiest chicken is DL chicken on commercial dr Vancouver strong seasoning tender juicy yummy, churches chicken is my favorite chain better than popeyes kfc, juicyyy.


Hello there, My name is Tomasz. I have some very basic general programming knowledge and I am hoping that these challenges help me improve my coding skills. I am curious where this journey is gonna take me :slight_smile: