Has anyone won a Daily challenge?

I’m not sure where to see the daily winners so I’m reaching out here to see who won.



I won last weekend! Hopefully you will too. :crossed_fingers:
Lighthouse Labs posts the winners in their Instagram story each day, but that doesn’t stick around for longer than 24 hours.

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Hey, did you have to fill in some declaration and release form where you had to provide a “witness” name, phone, address and signature?

Yes, I did. It’s quite the legal document!

What if noone from my friends want to sign it as a witness? They just don’t want to give up their personal information.

I luckily had someone in my household that could witness for me, so it wasn’t really like giving that much more personal info. But I can understand feeling hesitant to give out your info when you aren’t even the one getting the prize.

I know, it’s not that much of personal info especially when they don’t know what they are signing for. I eventually convinced one of my friend :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: Thanks

if someone wins do they email you or is it kinda like… you have to respond to their instagram and if not too bad?

Each winner gets an email!