General Questions: Prizes and Incorrect Answers

  1. Will we be notified by email if we win a daily prize or should we be checking the Instagram page?
  2. What happens if we get a question wrong? Will we still be in the running for the Grand Prize?
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this is a thing. We cannot be checking their stories every day, specially since they disappear after 24 hours

I’m one of the lucky winners of a daily prize today so I can say with confidence that they do send an e-mail to the winner! I was trying to check Instagram every day since I was also thinking I’d just miss it, but I’m glad we don’t need to do that.


Congrats @emergencyward !! :tada:


Hi @a.a Aly,

Looks like some of the other participants answered your first question - congratulations to Lindsay @emergencyward :partying_face:
We will notify you via email if you win a daily prize.

To your second question, if you get a question wrong, you will STILL be in the running for a Grand Prize. By registering in accordance with the Rules, you will automatically be eligible to earn one (1) entry in the random draw. You earn additional entries by correctly completing Daily Challenges. See Contest Rules for more detailed rules and information

Hope that answers your questions Aly. Good Luck with the rest of the challenges! :smiley:

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