Challenge 16 Megathread

For any and all questions relating to Challenge 16 :point_down: post away!

Is it live? Not loading for me yet :frowning:


It’s not loading for me either. I suspect that is true for everyone.


Not loading for me either…

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Tried that multiple times, keeps returning the default value which is the previous challenge. So assume, it’s not live yet.

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it is not live yet for me. @caroLHL

@caroLHL when will the challenge be live?

Is the challenge available, I can’t see it till now.

Hello everyone, welcome to day 2 of week 3 challenge​:dancer::dancer::dancer:.

The challenge is accessible now, and I hope everyone of us will participate in this last week challenges!

Feel free to ask questions and discuss amongst yourselves without sharing answers.


I checked again, and the challenge is still out of reach. The “ticket” is not visible on the appropriate rectangle, and pressing on it brings up yesterday’s challenge.

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Thanks, @Mayra, let me check again.

I will appreciate it if anyone could also confirm this.


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Challenge 16 is still not live for me yet, as of 7:41 AM ET.
I’ve tried reinstalling my OS, to no avail.

(JK; I didn’t reinstall my OS, but just figured you needed a laugh during this tense moment! :joy:)


It’s also not live for me yet either. Keeps going to challenge 15 when I click it.


Same here, can’t access Challenge #16.

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No, still being re-directed to challenge #15. The issue still persists.

Challenge 16 STILL not available.

Not available for me as of 8:18am

Hello everyone, kindly be patient with us. This particular issue is currently being resolved.

The challenge is available now! Thank you for getting things up and running.


Hello all, the issue has been fixed and the challenge is live! Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3: