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For any and all questions relating to challenge 14. :point_down:

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The number of wines in the accepted answer doesn’t seem to be right.


I agree. The actual answer and the options in the multiple choice answers don’t match.


Yeah I agree. My answers say it’s 35 for Q1, but my answers match the correct answers for Q2 and Q3

For Q1:
So I did a count by region and there are 35 in Stellenbosch
Stellenbosch 35

There is only one answer with 35 for Q1. And I got it wrong…


Yeah that’s why I always do all the questions in case, and choose the one with majority (out of three)

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Yes, I also got 35 for Q1.

The only way to get the 11.72 for Q2 was sulphates < 0.6 & price <= 20
(I felt that the correct way would be sulphates <= 0.6 and price < 20.00)

I was also very confident in wine 1017 being correct for Q3.


Seems weak. Just saying. The language for the questions could use a review.


Yeah for Q2 it’s sulph <= 0.6 and price <20

For Q3, 1025 is still cheaper than 1017 and same quality. I guess it may have been filtered out if you used the incorrect s < 0.6 and p <=20 filter


Especially the previous challenge, the wording could be written better for sure

I’m in same boat, I got 35 for first answer not 32, but I got the correct answer for question 2 and 3.

Here is my solution:

print(“Q1 # of wines from Stellenbosch:”,df[df[‘region’].str.contains(‘Stellenbosch’)].shape[0])

filterDF = df[(df[‘sulphates’]<=0.6) & (df[‘price’]<20)]
print("Q2 avg price of wines from Bordeaux: ",filterDF[filterDF[‘region’]==‘Bordeaux’][‘price’].mean())

filterDF[filterDF[‘region’].str.contains(“Okanagan Valley”)].sort_values([‘quality’,‘price’],ascending=[False,True])


Ok, I see that I did make that mistake, after making the Q2 answer fit the 11.72 (after getting 35 for Q1), I didn’t correct the filters.

These were my answers too, was surprised I was wrong.

I also looked at their solution after I submitted, it’s funny because their solution says 35 as well… yet for question 2 they commented that the answer is $11.714 even though their output clearly shows $11.30 haha. And for question 3 they also got 1025.


No points for me. Also got 35 for Q1.

I have to say the quality for this 21-Day Challenge is quite low. I am disappointed.
I really like the concept and the overall structure, but this year’s challenge seems slapped together (at best), designed by folks who are not proficient in the tech and teaching (at worst).

Thanks for the replies (I thought I was going crazy o.0 )


Yeah, I hope they review this challenge and future mishaps released in the future

Yeah, looks like today’s challenge was an outright mistake. At least day 1 challenge was a weird brain teaser/logic question even though from best practices the answer they gave was not the best, it was “technically” still correct since it was the only one that printed signature on same line. But today’s answers… just outright typo/mistake. Even in their proposed solution they show 35 not 32…