Challenge 12 Megathread

Yes, unfortunately, and this is likely my only time to be able to work on this one :cry:

If this is today’s Challenge, I’m really stumped:


Hey! I can’t access the challenge right now (there’s some kind of error that other are experiencing as well). Could you share the question? Is the challenge using the same csv file (dubai properties) as the previous challenge? (I have the csv file downloaded so I can find an answer while waiting for LHL staff to fix the bug with challenge 12.) Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Here2Win I’m tagging you in case you would be able to do this too.

In the meanwhile, I’ll try to find a way to share the dubai properties csv file for others to use on their own (ie outside of the LHL notebook) while they wait for the error to get fixed! :+1:


I’m also getting errors (same as named before) when trying to launch today’s challenge :frowning:

My environment is failing to be created as well

How To Work On Today’s Challenge While Waiting for LHL To Fix Error
Some (many) of us seem to be experiencing an error with the LHL challenge today.

Here’s how you can work on the challenge while waiting for LHL to fix the issue so you can submit your answer.

Get Challenge Question and CSV
I am experiencing the error as well, so I don’t know what today’s question is, or what the CSV is. But!

  • Getting Access to the Question
    Someone who has seen the challenge (or one of the mods, @caroLHL?) will have to do us the favour of telling us what the question is.

  • Getting Access to the CSV

    • Option 1: If the csv file for Challenge 12 is the dubai properties csv file from the previous challange, you can find it on my github here. To download, click on Code and choose Download ZIP.

    • Option 2: If the csv file is a new file, a mod will have to share it with us.

    • Option 3: OR someone who is just starting the challenge but hasn’t yet submitted, and has the time to do so could follow the following instructions to download the file, and then find some way to share it with the rest of us! :smiley:

import base64
import pandas as pd
from IPython.display import HTML

# Replace EDIT_THIS_FILENAME with the name of the csv file
def create_download_link( df, title = "Download CSV file", filename = "EDIT_THIS_FILENAME.csv"):
    csv = df.to_csv()
    b64 = base64.b64encode(csv.encode())
    payload = b64.decode()
    html = '<a download="{filename}" href="data:text/csv;base64,{payload}" target="_blank">{title}</a>'
    html = html.format(payload=payload,title=title,filename=filename)
    return HTML(html)

# Replace EDIT_THIS_FILENAME with the name of the csv file
download = pd.read_csv('EDIT_THIS_FILENAME.csv')
# After running this code, click on the newly created download button
# to download the csv file! :D

Using Jupyter Notebook Outside of LHL
If you want to use a free jupyter notebook online to play around with the csv files you can do so by following the second half of the instructions found here:

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Error!! Please fix. We need to roll in again

Thanks @YGW for the guide!

Hey guys, sorry for the glitches. It is currently being looked into and should be resolved in no time.

For now, you can play around the csv file in your local jupyter notebook.

Feel free to ask questions and discuss with amongst yourselves.

Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks Kelvine95. Three questions for you!

  1. Are we using the dubai properties csv file? The one from the previous challenge (challenge 11)?
  2. What is the question for challenge 12? I can’t see it.
  3. Can you share the article links and/or the methods etc that we are supposed to be looking into?

This isn’t ideal but at least it will allow us to work on something while you guys fix the issue. Thanks!

Hi @YGW, the challenge will be back soon. Thanks.

Can someone please send the challenge question? I have waited for over 2 hours now. Still stuck at the loading phase :frowning:

Don’t think anyone knows the question/s until the repo is fixed.

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Still not here one hour later. Just the spinning lines.

Hello everyone, thanks for being patient so far. We are glad to let you know that the challenge is now accessible to everyone.
Thanks a lot, guys, for your understanding.


Thanks a lot @Kelvine95

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Enjoyed this lesson! love working with data!


Hello, could someone explain how to filter out autumn and spring. I’ve tried df.drop, del, .iloc, .loc and Google but I can’t seem to filter these two values out…

use the syntax to filter (challenge #9), you can just filter winter and summer instead of filtering out autumn and spring

Is there a way to combine these two conditions? I can’t seem to:



I’ve tried other methods but no luck…

i got no clue how to use the pd.DataFrame to filter the seasonal data anyone got any tips to help me understand how to use it correctly?