21-Day Data Challenge - FAQ

Hello data enthusiasts!

Welcome to the 21-Day Data Challenge Forum, a place where you can ask for help on solving Daily Challenges, get some tips on data science anything and everything, and we hope where you will meet new friends and build your own data-enthusiast network!

Here’s some FAQ about the Challenge and the Forum:

1. At what time does each daily challenge launch?
Every day from April 11th to May 1st, the daily challenge will be posted at midnight eastern standard time (EST). Please take time zones into consideration! For example, if you’re on the west coast of Canada, the challenges will be posted at 9 pm your time the day before.

2. Why is the challenge not loading in the notebook?
Sometimes the challenge will take a few moments to launch, depending on a number of factors. To try and speed up load time, try checking your wifi and turning off browser extensions, such as Adblock or Privacy Badger. If all else fails, take some time and check back in later.

3. Does the 21DDC work with my browser?
Yes. The 21DDC will work in all major browser programs, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

4. Can I revisit the challenges after the 21DDC is over?
After May 1st, the challenges will still remain up for an indeterminate period of time (we’ll make an announcement about this closer to the end of the Challenge). To be safe, save your code onto your computer if you want to preserve it for later reference.

5. Why can’t I win prizes?
For legal reasons, prizes are only available to Canadian residents who are the age of majority in their province or territory.

6. Why can’t I access the challenge?
Click on the airplane ticket icon on the challenges landing page for your current challenge. You can only move ahead to the latest day’s challenge, so wait until midnight ET for the next challenge to open.

7. Why doesn’t the notebook load?
Make sure you aren’t running a VPN/Proxy as users have mentioned it affecting the iframe of the notebook. Browser/OS may affect the load time as well. Message us if you continue to experience issues.

8. Can we change the team maximum capacity?
Teams are capped at a maximum of 4 people. We wish we could accommodate everyone’s popularity with larger teams, but alas, that’s not in the cards at the moment. Consider having multiple teams of friends instead for some friendly competition to stay motivated!

Good luck!
Monica at Lighthouse Labs


Hi Lighthouse labs team

It just came to my notice that the teams with the same number of points are just randomized in the list and the team names are not in order of who submitted first. I noticed that since my teammate was submitting and our group name showed in the middle of the list between the groups who got the points before us. There are groups above and below us with the same number of points but both submitted before us.

I was wondering if this will be the issue on the last day since there is no sorting based on who submits first to get the 400$ BestBuy prize.

HAOlleik - Team HELL

Will smaller teams always be at a disadvantage on point total? For instance a two person team seems to only be able to accumulate half the point count per challenge as a four person team.